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One platform to access all payment and fintech services across Middle East & Africa. MoneyHash is the open payment infrastructure built for unlimited growth and innovation.

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The Superpowers of Open Payments Infrastructure


Experiment with different providers, payment options, checkout features, and pricing from your dashboard - no delays or costly migrations.


Enter new markets and expand product capabilities easily, without adding costly new integrations and increasing technical debt with each change.


Streamline your multi-provider operations and data, and recover lost revenues due to manual operations, fees, and fragmented reporting.


Unlock new opportunities and accelerate your product innovation with instant access to payment and fintech services that your customer needs.


For Forward-Looking Businesses

One Integration

Use a single integration point to access virtually any payment or fintech service you need. Consolidate your tech stack and expand to new markets fast without writing any additional line of code.

Dynamic Routing

Minimize your processing fees and customize your transaction flow with our smart routing engine. Offer your customers the right mix of global and local services, and improve your success rates avoiding downtime and latency.

Central Dashboard

No more switching between the dashboards of different providers. Centralize your data and reports, and control your entire payment stack using a single dashboard.

Checkout Suite

Use our no-code templates to easily create and customize your checkout experience. Whether it’s subscriptions, invoicing, payment links, or cash payments, there’s a plug-and-play template for it.

Use Cases

Platforms & Marketplaces

Onboard and connect your merchants with their preferred local providers, and offer them a unified checkout experience.

Global Enterprises

Bring your entire payment ecosystem under one roof with instant scaling and dynamic optimization across different markets.

Regional Expansion

Expand to new markets and add local payment methods without any product change or extensive operations.

Fintech Partnerships

Bring more and more partners to your fintech product with instant cash-in and cash-out integrations, and plenty of tools to scale.

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