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Introducing MoneyHash 2.0: A Fully Integrated Suite of Payment Products

Introducing MoneyHash 2.0: A Fully Integrated Suite of Payment Products

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When we first launched MoneyHash, we created a super API to help businesses consolidate and grow their payments across Africa and the middle East.

However, with 30% of digital payments failing in the region, and a highly complex and fragmented ecosystem which is quite costly for merchants, we realized the region deserved more.

Enter MoneyHash 2.0: A Fully Integrated Suite of Payment Products - tailored to address all your payment needs.

Simplifying Complexity

Payments can be a maze, especially in emerging markets. That's why we've taken inspiration from industry leaders like AWS to create a solution that abstracts away the complexity of payment infrastructure, flows, and operations while also being tailored to the most common use-cases the in the market.

The Power of MoneyHash 2.0

MoneyHash 2.0 brings you two key modules that transform it from a super API into an end-to-end fully integrated infrastructure solution.

1. Technical Integration

We've completely revamped this module to make it stronger and more versatile than ever. Our main goal is to provide you with reliable and quality infrastructure that's both extendable and powerful.

  • Flexible Integration: Whether you need a hosted page, web embed, native mobile SDK, JS SDK, or Server-to-Server integration, we got you covered.

  • Diverse Payment Methods: Support for all pay-in and pay-out methods, including cards, cash, wallets, mobile money, direct debit, BNPL, bank financing, crypto, and P2P.

  • Recurring Payments: Set up recurring payment flows effortlessly with PSP-agnostic card tokenization, payment orchestration, and subscription management.

  • Security: Enjoy peace of mind with our PCI-compliant vault for PSP-agnostic card and APMs tokenization and token rerouting - a major hassle and cost your business no longer needs to handle on it’s own.

  • Rich Functionality: Customize your payment process with features like custom fields, split payments, auth/capture, zero auth, shipping data, webhooks, and more.

2. Routing and Optimization

With companies that process frequent or large volumes of payments, even the smallest improvement in your payment processes can lead to significant revenue growth. That's where our robust optimization capabilities come into play, helping you increase your top-line revenue by maximizing your payment performance 🚀.

- Custom Routing Rules: Create personalized routing rules based on factors such as customer country, currency, transaction amount, card BIN, and risk score. This reduces declined transactions.

  • Payment Flows: Choose from a wide range of payment providers in your account and select the ones that suit your business best, improving your conversion rates.

  • Risk Management: Our system includes risk management features like velocity checks, geolocation, and blacklisted BINs to safeguard your transactions and prevent fraud.

  • Reporting and Analytics: Access detailed reports and analytics to track your checkout performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

To learn more about how MoneyHash can support all your payment needs, please visit their website at For any inquiries, contact:

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