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MoneyHash Welcomes Elena Panchenko as New CPO

MoneyHash Welcomes Elena Panchenko as New CPO

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Today I’m very excited to announce that Elena Panchenko is being appointed as MoneyHash’s new Chief Product Officer (CPO).

Elena's extensive experience in the payments industry makes her a valuable asset to our organization, and her expertise will play a crucial role in driving our product development and shaping the future of MoneyHash.

This decision is a testament to our commitment to speed and technical mastery. With over 12 years of experience in leading complex technical programs and product development in the payments space, Elena brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic vision to our team. Her astonishing track record with top tier payment firms such as Network International and OpenWay, and her deep understanding of the payments landscape will be instrumental in driving our growth and success.

As CPO, Elena will be spearheading our product strategy and development efforts, ensuring that MoneyHash remains at the forefront of the payment orchestration industry. Her leadership will enable us to optimize our full-stack solution, simplifying payment processes and empowering businesses to accept multiple payment methods, improve authorization rates, reduce fraud, and streamline reconciliation. 

Elena's expertise will also enable us to continue empowering enterprise businesses to innovate at startup speed, providing them with the essential tools they need to succeed in today's evolving payments market.

In Elena's words, "I am truly honored to take on the role of CPO at MoneyHash. It's an exciting opportunity to be part of a team that is shaping the future of payments. I look forward to working closely with our talented team to drive innovation and deliver exceptional solutions that empower businesses in the digital economy."

I am confident that Elena's expertise and strategic mindset will help us accelerate our growth and solidify our position as a leading payment orchestration platform. Her appointment is one step further towards delivering outstanding results to our customers and driving meaningful change in the industry. More exciting announcements are on the way.

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