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Choose a pricing plan that fits your current stage and future ambition


Ideal for forward-thinking startups in the early building stages.

$150 /mo

What's included

  • 2,000 Monthly Transaction Limit
  • 10 cents per extra transaction
  • 3 Provider Connections
  • 2 Routing Rules


Suitable for businesses starting to set up growth levers.

$600 /mo

What's included

  • 10,000 Monthly Transaction Limit
  • 7 cents per extra transaction
  • 7 Provider Connections
  • 5 Routing Rules


For businesses optimizing for high performance and rapid growth.

$1500 /mo

What's included

  • 40,000 Monthly Transaction Limit
  • 5 cents per extra transaction
  • 12 Provider Connections
  • Unlimited Routing Rules


For ultimate power and control across the board.

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What's included

  • Custom Monthly Transaction Limit
  • Volume Discounts
  • Unlimited Provider Connections
  • Unlimited Routing Rules

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Because your payment stack gotta be powerful regardless of the stage of your business.

  • API Integration
  • Unified Checkout Embed
  • Transaction Reports
  • Sandbox Environment
  • Custom Branding
  • Email Payment Receipt
  • Central Dashboard
  • Mobile SDK
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Insights & Stats
  • Webhooks Infrastructure
  • PCI-compliant Vault

We’ve got you covered

Address special challenges with special features.


Payment Recovery

1% /recovered transaction

Discounts for large volumes.

Using smart logic and data intelligence to increase authorization rate and recover failed transactions.


Platform Connect

Custom pricing dependent on your business model and needs.

Scale your platform and allow your sub-merchants to connect with favorite providers and methods with ease.

Premium Microservices

Pre-built components for your unique business needs.


Subscriptions, invoicing, and payment links

Custom pricing

Coming soon

Promo-codes, vouchers, and discounts

Coming Soon

Coming soon

Closed-loop wallet and customer balance

Coming Soon

Frequently asked questions

A transaction is the full execution of a pay-in or pay-out cycle which involves sending the request to MoneyHash, MoneyHash processing the request with the buyer, and executing the request with the connected provider. We charge a fixed transaction fees.

A connection is adding a single integration with a payment provider to your payment stack. When you add a provider through our dashboard, it counts as 1 connection regardless of the number of methods or geographies covered by this provider. Some providers have separate integrations for specific geographies or payment methods. In that case, we count each of the separate integration as an additional connection.

Each plan has a transaction bundle included for free with the monthly subscription. Once your business exceeded this limit, we charge micro fixed fees on each successfully executed transaction.

Our included transaction bundle and additional transaction fees only applies for successful transactions. If Payment Recovery is activated, we charge additional fees only on failed transactions we managed to recover.

Failed transactions are lost revenue and can cause customer churn. Dependent on the reason of decline and multiple other factors, we employe sophisticated logic of payment retries, fallback systems, and routing to recover as much as possible.

Platform Connect allows businesses serving sub-merchants to find the payment provider they are currently using, and connect it to the platform. It also enable the platform to offer payment related features that are compatible with any provider. The pricing of this program is custom as each platform has their own business model, market dynamics, and needs.

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